10.18.4 CX Release

NOTE:  This is a seamless release, there is no new update to install, the changes will be available to you without any action and the latest version of the program is still 10.18.0.

1 Bug Fix

In this release we fixed a bug that did not allow centers to copy and paste menus from one day to another.

10.18.3 CX Release

NOTE:  This is a seamless release, there is no new update to install, the changes will be available to you without any action and the version of the program is still 10.18.0

1 Bug Fix.

in the release we fixed a bug in the Menu Production Record that was not pulling in the actual attendance from the master menu.

10.18.2 CX Optional Release

NOTE: This is an Optional Release.  There is no new update to download.

4 Feature updates in this release:

  • New reports for the At Risk After School (ARAS) web users.
    • New combined Menu Production Record and Transportation Log on one form.
    • Added a Claim Export for sponsors to the ARAS web tool
    • Added an Edit Check to the ARAS feature to check inspection dates for expiration
  • Updated dates on the Colorado IEF form.
  • Added the SFSP Claim Rates to the system
  • Online Re-Enrollment feature now brings in kids from Procare import.

4 Bugs fixed in this release:

  • Online Re-Enrollment: Updated the Renew Child Enrollment screen to update Signature date when child is updated.
  • Online Re-Enrollment: Fixed issues with child date of birth and timezones being off.
  • Fixed an issue with creating ACH Files
  • Menu Production Record for Infants displaying wrong Qty Needed Per Actual Attendance

CX 10.18.0 Optional Release

1 new Feature released today:  Multiple Master Menus.

Users now have the ability to maintain as many menus as they would like and push them out to different groups of centers.

Make a Better Plan for Your Home Visits by Using hx2go

The hx2go app allows you to get the information you need to make each home visit as cost-effective and efficient as possible. Hx2go can help you:

  1. Plan to review meals that are roughly proportional with meals that are claimed.
  2. Plan to review meals claimed on weekends.

The app will display all un-visited meals that a provider has claimed within the last four months in the Meals Needed column. Once a meal has been visited the abbreviation of that meal will be removed from the list. For example, a provider that claims breakfast, AM Snack, and lunch will show the abbreviations BAL. Once the provider has had a lunch visit, the list will display only BA. Once AM snack is visited, it will simply display only a B. This information helps monitors to diversify their visits, so that the same provider is not visited at the same meal repeatedly. Read more of this post

CX 10.17.0 Optional Release

NOTE: This is an Optional Release.  It is NOT required that you download the new version of the software, however, to see all of the latest changes you will need the new version.

2 Feature updates in this release:

  • Made a change to call out meals with dis allowances on the menu calendar to reduce the number of clicks involved in fixing errors.
  • Changed some wording on the Sponsor Staff Types screen to be more clear. (Preferences changed to Policies)

5 Bugs fixed in this release:

  • Fixed a bug on the Monthly Claimed Meal Count Summary report that was adding up all Second Meals onto one center.
  • End Year Tax Summary now showing manual claims.
  • Removed the “R”s that were showing up on the rosters for pending children.
  • Weekly Attendance & Meal Count report showing incorrect numbers for “special diet”.  This has been fixed and is accurately calculating.
  • List Claims report was showing at risk as license for both claim types.  They are not properly separated.



Three Ways to Get Picky Eaters to Try New Foods

Three Ways to Get Picky Eaters to Try New Foods

We all know how much kids love trying new foods, right? Anyone who has spent time negotiating with toddlers to get something green and healthy in their mouths can attest to how difficult it can be to introduce children to new fruits, boy and cooked vegetablesvegetables, and other foods. Still, there’s hope. All you need is a little imagination and determination.

Minute Menu is dedicated to helping you provide nutritious meals to children, and we have some ideas for getting picky eaters to venture outside of their culinary comfort-zone. While no single technique will work for every child, we have found that three popular methods seem to bring the most success. Read more of this post

5 Reasons to Start Using hx2go Today!

  1. Save time. Forget spending hours of time entering monitor visits by hand or scanning in forms! With hx2go, monitors record review data directly into the app. The data gets transferred into Minute Menu HX the next time a Full Data Trahx2gonsfer is performed.
  2. Customize. The hx2go app can be customized to meet your exact needs! Add questions. Rearrange questions. Hide questions. Make it work for you!
  3. Easy Access. Never lose a review report again! All reports are stored securely on Minute Menu servers, where providers with an internet connection can access them at any time. Providers do not need to have online claiming access to take advantage of this feature. The review reports are still sent to both the provider’s email address and as a message in WebKids.
  4. Save paper. With hx2go, you no longer have to print and file review forms because all review documentation can be accessed online.
  5. Sponsor Approved. Sponsors who use hx2go LOVE IT! Both large and small agencies are currently using hx2go, and we have received glowing feedback on the app.

Read more of this post

Already Expensing Your Smartphone? Make It a Wifi Hotspot for a Better hx2go Experience

You’ve got a new-ish smartphone with a data plan, but you’re doing hx2go reviews in offline mode?  Why not use your smartphone’s hotspot feature to connect your tablet or laptop and get those reviews uploaded immediately?

Don’t get me wrong.  Hx2go was designed to allow you to use it without an Internet connection in the field, but if you can stay connected, there are benefits.

  • Upload the review on-site. The provider gets the emailed link to the review within minutes, sometimes before you leave.
  • The review is safe on our servers—no worrying about losing your device or technical problems later when you try to upload.
  • You can easily download backup providers if the provider you tried to visit is unexpectedly closed.
  • The typical hx2go review is about 35kb in size. That’s about 25 reviews per 1MB of data, or 2500 reviews to make up 1GB.  Chances are, you’ll hardly notice the change in data use.

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CX 10.16.1 Release (Web Only)

NOTE: There is no update to CX to download for this release, the changes effect only the Web based features.

2 Bugs fixed in this release:

  • ARAS/SFSP data export for meal counts:  Fixed a bug that did not allow for exporting only one site’s data at a time.
  • ARAS/SFSP Removed the ability to add “test meals” as a claimable meal count.