Copying menus. What Centers and Center Sponsors need to know before Oct. 1st.


Copy. And Paste. But do it now.

Copy and paste any menus that you plan to reuse (such as cycle menus or seasonal menus) to future months now, while you still can. Those menus will be merged into the new meal pattern on Oct. 1st.

Copying and pasting from the old meal pattern to the new meal pattern will NOT be available after Oct. 1st.

Starting on Oct. 1st, it will not be possible to copy and paste menus from prior months. On Oct. 1st, center accounts will be converted to the new meal pattern. Menus made on the new meal pattern can be copied and pasted to future months.

Menus on the old meal pattern cannot be copied and pasted to the new meal pattern, after October 1st.


Review scheduled menus to make sure that they meet the new meal pattern requirements.

Make sure that…

  • Juice is planned for no more than once per day.
  • There is a vegetable at each lunch and dinner.
  • A whole grain-rich food is planned at least once per day.
  • Grain based desserts have been removed.

Mark your calendar for Oct. 1st to check for missing components by looking for lowercase letters on the Menu Calendar screen.

Some meals may lose components during the merge process (such as lunches and dinners that had 2 fruits, 1 fruit will be lost during the merge process). On Oct. 1st or after, check the Menu Calendar screen. Any scheduled menu that is missing a component will be listed with a lowercase letter (balpde). These are most likely lunches and dinners that included 2 fruits OR food items that are no longer approved (such as grain based desserts).





The 13.0.0 release is a mandatory release and all users must upgrade before the system can be used.

There are 2 ways to update the CX software:  1) Log in to Minute Menu CX. go to Administration > Upgrade Software – go through the prompts and allow the upgrade to complete. Once the upgrade has completed, please log back into Minute Menu CX using your own login and password.  This takes just a few minutes.  2) Log out of CX, and go directly to the Update Link and click on the link in step 1.
Please contact CX support at if you are still having an issue.

  • UPDATED: All Changes for Sponsor users for the new meal pattern!  This includes:
    • New, Web based food tool with effective dates for foods.
    • Food rules sponsors can set up
    • Age group changes for infants as well as developmentally ready fields.
    • Whole grain indicators
    • All of the edit checks in the processor, etc
    • Brand new help portal at  Here you will find step by step instructions for all of the changes and how to get ready between now and October 1.

Webinars will start this Friday as well!

NOTE:  We will have another Mandatory release next week to complete the center facing items before we switch all centers over on October 1.

for support go to



KidKare Support

Hello Sponsors,

Over the past 6 months, we’ve had more customer support calls than in any other period in our 24 years as a business. We have struggled to keep up as tens of thousands of providers have been transitioning to KidKare. We know that you are all in a similar position. I want you to know that we are taking this issue seriously and doing everything we can to overcome this challenge.

Over the past three months, in response to this issue, Minute Menu has made dramatic changes across the company to resolve your provider’s concerns. Recently we have:

  • Quadrupled the server capacity supporting KidKare, speeding up login and saves and nearly eliminating timing out.
  • Hired the most talented customer support team in the history of the organization, to address the most complex technical issues.
  • Moved our customer support ticketing system to a more responsive and flexible product, allowing us to resolve ticket faster.
  • Added two more talented people to our support team to help through the next few months.
  • Dedicated significant time and resources to creating help articles and videos for reference at
  • Launched, which will be the first online help resource exclusively for HX users.
  • Prioritized sponsor tickets over provider tickets to ensure timely claims processing and reimbursement.
  • Expedited the bug fix process to correct issues in KidKare faster.

I want all of our sponsors to know that we are working incredibly hard to continue improving the KidKare product and make absolutely sure it is ready for meal pattern changes. It has been a tough experience for us as an organization, as I’m sure it has been for you as well. As a company and individually, we are dedicated to you and to the food program. We understand the responsibility that we bear as you business partner, and we appreciate your trust as we work our way together through this monumental change.


Matt Wilson
Minute Menu CEO

Hurricane Update: We Are Safe

Thank you to those of you who have reached out to check on us. Our offices are safely located in the Dallas, Texas, area—roughly 400 miles north of Houston. Right now we’re seeing cloudy skies and a little rain, but it’s not currently anticipated that the storm will affect Dallas more than giving us a few thunderstorms later this week.

We want to take the opportunity to let you know a little about our disaster preparation for you, your providers, and your centers. Most importantly, the cloud servers that all of you access for Minute Menu HX, Minute Menu CX, and KidKare are all hosted with a top-tier cloud service provider in the North Texas area. This facility has redundant power sources and redundant internet connections, in addition to 24-hour staffing and monitoring. While outages are never 100% out of the question in a catastrophic weather event, they are highly unlikely given the infrastructure of our service provider.

Where our offices are concerned, we understand that we serve customers all over the country—so when we have bad weather, we need to be prepared to work. Just about everyone is set up to work effectively from home, should the need arise. Even with a power or internet outage at our offices, most of our support systems are cloud-hosted, so we can continue to answer support tickets remotely and send email notifications to you.

Our hearts go out to our friends in South Texas, including the many CACFP Sponsors who will be struggling to overcome this setback while working through the new meal pattern. Because disaster relief agencies do not provide diapers as a part of their relief efforts, we’ll be donating to the Texas Diaper Bank, in the interest of supporting the tens of thousands of families with young children who have been affected by this ongoing natural disaster.You can learn more about them here:

Minute Menu HX – Meal Pattern Change Webinars

The new meal pattern changes are right around the corner, and we want to make sure that all your colleagues and providers are ready to use KidKare before October 1st, 2017.

We are are offering two training webinars where you will learn how to use the new food tool in Minute Menu HX, how to switch your providers over to the new meal pattern, how to use the new sponsor preferences, and much more. Reduce the stress and register for both webinars, and become confident that your team will have a smooth meal pattern change roll-out with KidKare.

Additional help for meal pattern changes can be found at

Sponsors Take Action: Manage Your Foods
Learn how to use the new food tool! Learn how to add new foods to your food list, remove foods with a future removal date, setup food rules, and more!

New Meal Pattern Changes for Minute Menu HX and KidKare
We’ll discuss how to switch providers to the new meal pattern, the new sponsor preferences associated with the new meal pattern changes, and changes to KidKare.

To get a link to share with your colleagues click here.

As always, our support team is standing by to help. Contact us at

Thank you again for being a Minute Menu HX customer!

CX RELEASE 12.10.0

The 12.10.0 release contains changes to the CX client, so you will need to update your software for all features to remain usable.  We encourage you to update to the latest version of the software so you always have access to the latest features and fixes.

There are 2 ways to update the CX software:  1) Log in to Minute Menu CX. go to Administration > Upgrade Software – go through the prompts and allow the upgrade to complete. Once the upgrade has completed, please log back into Minute Menu CX using your own login and password.  This takes just a few minutes.  2) Log out of CX, and go directly to the Update Link and click on the link in step 1.
Please contact CX support at if you are still having an issue.

  • UPDATED: Online Enrollments-remove fields from parent view that are not editable.
  • FIXED: Centers Are Not Able To Edit Key Child Info If D8 Is Set To Yes
  • FIXED: When the center clicks on the Overnight Approved “no” in KK, the user does not see it Overnight Approved as unchecked
  • FIXED: Online Enrollment Tool Updates and bug fixes
  • UPDATED: NC and VA updates to enrollment forms.
  • UPDATED: Add permissions to CX software for KidKare features

Please Inform Your Providers – KidKare Website

It has come to our attention that kidcare . com (not our site, is a malicious website that is attempting to distribute malware or viruses. Visitors to the site are either redirected to another site that encourages them to download something or the site attempts to install malware/viruses immediately.

Please be aware that we do NOT own this site or control it in any way.  We have attempted to contact the owners of the site through their hosting company and have received no reply.  We have also reported the site to everywhere we can find, but the site is still up.  There are a couple of things you can do to help keep your providers from going to the wrong site:

  • Stress that KidKare is spelled with 2 Ks.
  • Have them click on the link in the welcome letter or go to and click on the link there.
  • Always have antivirus software installed and up-to-date;  visit for a completely free version.
  • When you’re helping providers over the phone, before you tell them the website address, tell them it’s with 2 Ks.
  • Have them bookmark or create an icon on their device screen so that they don’t accidentally type it incorrectly.

We are deeply disturbed by the other site and the fact that its owners have not removed the site after being notified.  We have contacted our attorney for a solution, and are actively working toward having the malicious site removed.  Please help us keep your providers safe by practicing and passing along the “KidKare with 2 Ks” message.

Thank you,
Minute Menu Team


CACFP Rates Announced for 2017-2018

Each year USDA must adjust meal reimbursement rates and the administrative reimbursement rates for sponsors of homes according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) change during the prior 12 month period. Click here to view rates.

The CPI is broken down into many sub-categories, and Congress has determined in the law which parts are used to adjust rates in the CACFP.  Rates for Family Day Care Home meals are based on the “food at home” series of the CPI for All Urban Consumers.  Rates for centers are based on the “food away from home” series of the CPI for All Urban Consumers and the administrative reimbursement rates for sponsors of homes are based on all items of the CPI for All Urban Consumers added together.

This year, the CPI on all items increased 1.87%, which resulted in a $2 (rounded) increase to admin rates on the first 50 homes for sponsors of homes and a $1 increase for homes 51 and up.   The CPI for food away from home showed a 2.31% increase, which resulted in higher meal reimbursement rates for meals served by centers.  This increase is slightly lower than last year’s increases, which benefited from rounding up due to a few tenths of percentage higher increase in the CPI.

Unfortunately, the food at home series showed a drop of 0.16% over the same period.  This means that, by law, USDA had to adjust meal reimbursement rates downward for Family Day Care Homes.  Fortunately, the percentage decrease was quite small, so in most cases it was not enough to round down to a decreased reimbursement rate. However, any percentage-based decrease affects the higher reimbursement rates more than the lower rate, so some of the higher-reimbursed meals for Alaska and Hawaii did go down a small amount.  (We are asking for clarification now on why the rate for Tier 2 lunches and suppers specifically appears to be rounded down instead of up and will update this post when we hear back.)

There’s no easy way to break the news to providers that they will not receive an increase in money this year, particularly when most of us aren’t actually seeing that food prices have dropped at all in the last year.  The only way to keep this from happening again is to urge Congress to change the law, prohibiting any future downward adjustment in reimbursement rates and admin rates and asking for a more realistic measure of the costs of serving food in family childcare.  This is not something that a sponsor, a state agency, or even USDA can change.

Child Nutrition Reauthorization hasn’t moved forward yet, so there may still be opportunity to urge your Congressperson to ensure that the good nutrition that CACFP provides stays accessible to the neediest children.  It certainly can’t hurt to let them know how much more difficult this makes getting healthy food to our most underserved kids.  Go here to find out how to contact your Senators and Representative.

Meal pattern changes are coming to Minute Menu HX

Meal pattern changes will be coming to Minute Menu HX in mid-to-late-August.

Here are some of the features you can expect to see:

  • A new food tool that will allow you to easily:
    • Add new foods to your food list (such as tofu)
    • Remove foods from your list (such as grain based desserts)
    • Edit food properties (such as indicating certain foods as whole grain-rich)
  • Three new pre-configured sponsor preferences that allow you to “turn on” the new meal pattern features as you want them
  • The ability to switch providers over to the new meal pattern individually or in groups (including a bulk add feature!)

We are creating help documentation now and it will be available in the next few weeks in the form of:

  • Training videos
  • Live webinars
  • Help pages
  • And more!

What can you now do to prepare for these changes?

  • Get all of your online claiming providers switched to KidKare as soon as possible!
  • Get scannable/paper form providers switched to KidKare if possible

Stay tuned as we will be posting more information soon!