Clarification: “Staff Mode” view in Minute Menu Kids

When a provider downloads the Minute Menu Kids program, they receive a 30-day free trial for our “Pro” features.  These new sections of the software let providers enter and track private, personal information related to their business (including bank account information) that is unrelated to the food program.  In order to ensure the security of this data, when they log in to Minute Menu Kids for the first time, they are prompted and advised to change their password.

The new password they create is a “hidden” password, and only they know what it is.  However, the password that you have on file for them will still work.  When this old password is used, you will log into Minute Menu Kids in “Staff Mode.”  In “Staff Mode” you will only see the food program sections of the software; the “Pro” sections will be hidden.  This protects the privacy of the providers information while still allowing you to help them with food program related questions.

If your provider sees a message saying she’s in “Staff Mode,” that means that she created a new password for herself but is using the old password to log in.  If the provider has forgotten her new password, a clicking on the link on the login page will email them the new password.  Providers do not need to tell you (and should not tell you) their new, secret password.