Please Update User Info In Minute Menu HX

Our new ticket tracking system will now auto populate user information from the users that you have setup under Administration >> Manage Users.

When we receive a phone call, an email, or a ticket from anyone in your office, our support staff will log a ticket for each issue. When our support staff logs the issue, our system will now populate information about the requestor from the Manage Users section of your software.

You can help us speed up our processing of your questions & requests—to get you answers sooner—by updating all of your users in Minute Menu HX to include phone numbers and email addresses. The phone number can be your main office phone number if the user does not have a direct line.  We ask that you put in your local number (with area code) rather than an 800 number.  Using a local number will save your agency on long distance when we call you back.  Email addresses for the users should be their work email address, or an email address that they use to receive work related communication. We are asking that you do this so that we can quickly identify how best to contact the user that the question/request came in from.

To update your users, the Minute Menu HX administrator (someone in your office with access to the Administration >> Manage Users section of the Minute Menu Sponsor software) will need to login and go into the Manage Users section. Pull up a user by selecting the user’s name from the drop down list. The administrator can then enter the phone number & email address in that screen, and save the information. This should be done for every user in the drop down box who is still actively working for your agency.

If you are not familiar with the Manage Users section, or want more information about this feature, please refer to your Minute Menu HX Users Manual. Information can be found in section XX. User Management (p.287). If you need a current copy of our Users Manual, you can download it from the site. Click on the green login option, and login using the same username & password you use to login to the Minute Menu Sponsor system with, click on the ‘Documentation’ link on the left hand side, scroll down to the ‘HX General Documentation’ section, and click on the ‘Minute Menu HX Users Manual – v2.4.2’. Once the PDF is open, you can click on File >> ‘Save a Copy’ and save the users manual to your local computer.

We appreciate your prompt attention to this request.