Did You Know? Food Frequency Rules in Minute Menu HX

Minute Menu HX can be configured to check that certain foods—or certain groups of foods—are not served too often.  For example, Minute Menu HX can check to ensure that cookies are not served more than twice a week.  However, until you set up Food Frequency Rules, Minute Menu HX doesn’t know that you want to check for these situations.

You can use Food Frequency rules to check for individual foods served more than a certain number of times per day, per week, or per month.  Also, you can check for this frequency by meal or, more specifically, by individual child.

Food frequency rules are created and managed by you, directly in the Minute Menu HX software.  You can find instructions on setting up food frequency rules under “Managing System Food Preferences” in Section XVII of the Minute Menu HX User Manual.

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