Provider Record Maintenance Requirements and Minute Menu

USDA also issued a memo in March of 2009 clarifying record maintenance requirements for providers.  Providers are required to retain claiming records under their control for 3 years after the close of each fiscal year, which means they may be required to keep up to 3 years and 11 months worth of records at one time.  Providers may not rely on their Sponsors to retain these records for them.  The memo can be found at

Minute Menu has compiled a list of “best practices” regarding provider record maintenance, organized by provider claiming method.  This list is available for download in the Documentation area of the Minute Menu Sponsor website.  You can log in to using the same login information that you currently use to access the Minute Menu HX software on your computer.

Providers who use any Minute Menu eclaiming method (WebKids, Minute Menu Kids, Minute Menu Kids Pro, or C-K Kids) will always have access to the menu and attendance information that they have saved online, as long as they have Internet access and remain active with your agency. They must always, however, retain hard copies of signed child enrollment forms.  Unsigned reprints of child enrollments will not satisfy the record maintenance requirements.

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