USDA Issues Memo: No “Grace Periods” for New Providers

On March 31, 2009, USDA issued a memo clarifying policy on provider record-keeping, specifically stating that CACFP regulations “do not provide for claiming grace periods to new homes that fail to serve reimbursable meals.”  You can find the memo at:

As you know, the Minute Menu HX software does have a function to allow sponsors to manage their “grace periods.”  To ensure that you are no longer using this function, you will need to set your grace defaults to zero and manually remove grace information for any providers who are currently in the grace period.  We have sent support emails with instructions on how to do this, but if you have questions you can always email support at

With Minute Menu HX release 2.8.0, currently scheduled for May 22, 2009, the “grace” fields will be renamed “training period.”

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