CCAP Results Are In

The Child Care Assessment Project (CCAP) was designed to assess whether the USDA regulations that were implemented to address the problems found by OIG during Operation Kiddie Care ( have been effective in increasing CACFP program integrity.  The good news is that overall the rules have worked, and the CCAP report states that “almost all sponsors assessed by CCAP were aware of the many new program requirements in the two rules, and had made a genuine attempt to come into compliance with those requirements.”

The report did state areas where more improvement is needed, and the good news is that Minute Menu HX already assists you in these areas!  The report listed the following needs for improvement:

–Too many providers fail to keep up-to-date meal counts and menu records;

–Too many sponsors are not fully meeting the regulatory requirements for monitoring providers; and

–Too few sponsors appear to be employing the serious deficiency process for providers as intended.

Minute Menu HX has ways to help sponsors address all 3 of these concerns, included in the software at no extra charge.  For more information on how your agency can proactively address these new USDA “hot issues,” email us at or call 972-671-5211.

You can read a copy of the full report at