Sponsors Who Purchase “PRO” Features Keep Providers 44% Longer!

Based on the data that sponsors have entered  in to Minute Menu HX, Sponsors who purchase access to Minute Menu Kids Pro (with its excellent accounting and tax tracking features) keep providers for an average of 14 months longer than Sponsors who don’t.  Here are the statistics:

Average Length of  Program Participation for Providers Now Withdrawn:

Sponsor Provides Pro: 46 months

Sponsor Does Not Provide Pro: 32 months

Average Length of Program Participation for Providers Still Active:

Sponsor Provides Pro: 75 months

Sponsor Doesn’t Provide Pro: 52 months

Sponsors have told us the many reasons why they choose to purchase Kids PRO for their providers, including:

– helping their providers professionalize their business

– encouraging the providers to maintain records

– strengthening “partnership” with providers

– competitive advantage in outreach

Any way you slice it, the statistics are there.  And while your providers can purchase Kids PRO for themselves, we very deep discounts for Sponsors who purchase Kids PRO for all of their online claimers.  For as little as a one-time $49 subscription fee, Sponsors can give these valuable tools to their providers for as long as that provider stays with their agency!  No renewal fees, ever.

Feel free to call us or email Natalie@minutemenu.com if you are interested in how you can provide these PRO features to your providers!

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