Tax Time is Upon Us!

As the memories of holiday feasts, wrapping and unwrapping gifts, and spending time with family and loved ones begin to recede, it’s time to look forward to a New Year and to …..

 ……. Filing Your Taxes.


It’s a daunting and time consuming task, and it always comes with pre-loaded with guilt and stress.  But it doesn’t have to be this way at all!


By upgrading your basic Minute Menu Kids account to the “Pro” features, you will unlock and unleash the powerful and user friendly accounting tools found within the Kids Pro software.


Did you know that the Minute Menu Kids Pro software comes pre-loaded with all sorts of time saving tax documents?   Instead of digging out your file folders, shoeboxes or your recipe boxes, crammed full of a whole year’s worth of receipts, you could have all of that information already stored and easily available to print out and hand to your accountant.


Instead of going online at the end of March in a last ditch effort to find some sort of tax software to help you pull it all together, you already have all the help you need right at your fingertips.


With Minute Menu Kids Pro, you have the ability to record all of the expenses incurred in running your child care business.  You can easily figure out various time-space scenarios you need for your tax deductions..  You can figure out vehicle mileage and you can also figure out how much of a deduction you can take for your vehicle. 


The accounting and tax preparation tools built in to our Kids Pro line of software are second to none.  All of the reports you need are available for you to print out at any time.


Here’s what Cara S. of Hillsboro, Oregon has to say about the Kids Pro Software:


I just wanted to take a second to thank you for this wonderful program. As a new provider, I was completely overwhelmed with the task of keeping track of expenses, deductions, time-space percentage, attendance, and keeping accurate records. I reviewed many (expensive) child care programs that didn’t offer half the child-care specific features that your program does. After finding Kids Pro, I am now more organized with my business records than anything else I’ve ever had my hands on — you make it SO easy…… Tax time will be a breeze and before finding your program, I was SO stressed out about keeping accurate tax records. I will continue to recommend this program to every provider I encounter.”


Minute Menu knows that you have a choice when it comes to purchasing software to help you manage your child care business.  But no other child care software on the market today will provide you with the features that Minute Menu Kids Pro has AND save you money.   And only Minute Menu brings you the time and tax saving expertise of Tom Copeland.  


It makes good financial sense to invest in child care software that will save you time and money.  And when that software costs you less than $6.00 a month to use, don’t you feel it’s worth it?

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