Did You Know? Merging Provider Accounts & Importing Children into Minute Menu HX

Do any of your providers use 2 separate Minute Menu Kids accounts—1 to submit their claim and a different account to use the Pro invoicing and tax tracking features?  We can help combine the accounts so that providers only have to use 1 login for everything—and their personal accounting data remains private.  Also, if a provider comes on to your program and already has a subscription to Pro—either because they bought it themselves or it was purchased by another sponsor on their behalf—we can help import their child information into your system and save the provider additional data entry time.  (Please note, we cannot import children from incoming providers who only used the free WebKids version.  They have to have the Kids Pro system with child data that belongs to them, not to their former sponsor, in order to import the children.)

The process of combining the accounts is called “merging.”  And merging can have its pluses and minuses.  The huge advantage is that providers don’t have to do double entry into 2 systems to keep their accounting and food program records.  The one consideration before merging is that historical menu & attendance data on the provider’s side may be lost.  The sponsor’s data—what you have in your system—will replace any menu & attendance data that the provider may have recorded under the 2nd login.   So, when a provider wants to merge accounts, just refer them to tech support.  We can evaluate both accounts and determine what old data (if any) they will lose.  We also have the provider give us approval before we do the merge and advise them to archive their old data on paper before it is removed in the merge.

When a provider comes to your agency and already has a subscription to Pro, we can import the child data from their Pro billing records into your Minute Menu HX database.  If we do this import, all children will import in Pending status.  You will then need to do a one-time “cleanup” to temporarily activate and then withdraw any duplicates that you may already have entered into your Minute Menu HX database and any children that the provider no longer has in care.