Battery Backups: Inexpensive UPS Unit Can Save You Hundreds of $!

Few of us expect a power outage, but all of us should be prepared for one.  A UPS unit—“uninterruptible power supply”—is an inexpensive piece of insurance that your computer shouldn’t be without!  When the power goes out, these units provide battery power that can give you the extra few minutes of computer up-time to safely close your programs and turn the computer off until the power comes back on.

If your computer loses power and your software programs aren’t properly shut down, you already know you’re going to lose any unsaved work.  However, if you use programs like Minute Menu HX that access databases and store data—there is also a huge probability that data already saved into your database will be lost or corrupted if the computer loses power while the database is in use.  We have had several calls from customers who have lost data—and valuable work-time during claim—because the power went out and their computer wasn’t hooked up to a UPS battery backup!

The same thing can happen with a power surge, which can not only cause your computer to shut down unexpectedly, but may also cause expensive damage to your computer or any other electronic device—even ruining them entirely.  UPS units can also protect from these power surges much better than a power strip can, adding an additional layer of security for your hardware and software investments.

UPS units can be found at almost any office supply store, most electronics stores, and even at big box stores like Wal Mart and Target.  If you don’t already have all of your computers on battery backups—including your database computer/server, doing so as soon as possible will protect your hardware and your data!  If you need help selecting the right UPS for your office, please email tech support at We’d much rather spend the time helping you prevent data and hardware loss than helping you recover from it!

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