Meet Lori Johnson: Professional Online Claims Booster!

Early this year, Lori Johnson joined us as our new Junior Implementation Specialist. She’s part of a team that works to make sure that both new and existing clients get the most out of their Minute Menu HX software.  Since January Lori’s been working hard with sponsors just starting on Minute Menu HX to get them going and to get their providers claiming online as fast and as problem-free as possible.  She’s been doing a fantastic job, and we wouldn’t expect anything less.  Before Minute Menu Systems, Lori worked for a CACFP sponsor in Indiana that has a phenomenal 96% of their providers claiming online!  Lori was a big part of achieving that feat and loves sharing her experience with other sponsors and strategizing with them over how they can increase their online claiming percentages, too.

Recently Lori has also started working with sponsors who already use Minute Menu HX to help them create plans to move even more providers online.  We’ve helped sponsors achieve 10-20% increases in just a few months, even if your agency already has online claimers.  If your agency is interested in working with her, she’d love to hear from you, too!  Give Lori a call at 972-671-5211 or email her at

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