Minute Menu Assists with CNIPS State Upload System in CA

Over the past two years, Minute Menu has collaborated closely with the California Department of Education to greatly reduce the headache associated with the Child Nutrition Information and Payment System (CNIPS) rollout for both sponsors of family child care providers and child care center organizations.  Much of our work was behind the scenes with the state, to help ensure that sponsors would not have to manually enter information into the new CNIPS database.  We are grateful to the state for giving us the opportunity to assist them on ways to streamline the process.  And the state has also provided us with a way to ensure Minute Menu customers can automatically upload claim and provider/center data each month… saving time for our customers each & every month.  We have also worked closely with reviewers and auditors in the state to help them answer questions about specific reports and software best practices, and have provided training to the state agency as well.  Many thanks and much kudos to the state agency, and the sponsors and center organizations who’ve worked closely with us and the state throughout this process.  This kind of collaborative process goes a long way toward helping everyone achieve the mission of feeding kids with lower administrative costs.  For those in other states who would like our assistance with similar information systems projects in those states, or would like similar training for state agencies, please let us know.

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