Install Minute Menu CX on Multiple Computers!

Minute Menu CX can be installed on multiple computers (free of charge) and installation is fairly painless.

First, make sure you have an internet connection.

Then, to install Minute Menu CX, go to  Follow the instructions onscreen to download & install the program.

When installation is complete, the green, Minute Menu CX apple icon will appear on the computer desktop.

Use the same login ID/password that was issued to you to get logged into the program.

Now you can work from home, on your laptop, on your desktop, on your neighbors computer, or anywhere!  I’m not saying you should, but you can 😉

Income Eligibility Info for Siblings – Enter One Time Only!

Enter the income information for one child, then use the same information for every child in the family.  To do this, the same parent must be selected for each child (this is what makes them siblings in the program).  After using the “IEF Calculator” tool (training video available) the signer name and date will show up in the “IEF Application” dropdown box for each sibling.  Select the current IEF Application date for each sibling.  Always use the [Evaluate + Save] button on that screen when using the IEF Calculator Tool (not just the regular [Save] button).
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Recording 2 Foods for a Single Component

How can two foods be recorded for a single component?  For example, Pepperoni + Cheese was served, but there’s only one place to record a meat/meat alternate.
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For Sponsors & Chains: Customize the Center “Getting Started Guide”

For Sponsors and Chains

Customize your “Getting Started Guide” that is sent to centers through the program.  Here are a few ideas on how to customize it:
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Copy Children from One Center to Another

If a child moves from one center to another center, there is a quick and easy way to move that child to the other center.

First, select the center the child currently belongs to and make sure the child is in “Active” status.  If the child has been withdrawn, reactivate it (by clicking the Reactivate button at the bottom left corner of the screen).  Only active children can be copied to another center. Read more of this post

Important Information Regarding your Minute Menu HX Database

Minute Menu HX is now compatible with SQL 2008.  SQL is the Microsoft database product that Minute Menu HX uses to handle the data you input into Minute Menu HX, and SQL 2008 is the most current version of that software.

Our records indicate that your agency may currently be using full SQL 2000 for your database.  As part of upgrading Minute Menu HX to SQL 2008 compatibility, we will have to stop supporting SQL 2000 as of June 15, 2012.  SQL 2000 and 2008 have some conflicting technical features that make supporting both versions impossible for us in the long term.  We will be dropping support for SQL 2000 in the release following the June 15 deadline.
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Electronic Payments for Child Care Available with Minute Menu Kids Pro

By Tom Copeland, Former Director of the Redleaf National Institute,, May 2007

It’s the day parents are supposed to pay their family child care provider and some providers worry: Will the parent forget their checkbook? Will the parent tell me she’s run short of cash and ask me to accept payment later? Will the check bounce?

Getting paid on time is one of the child care industry’s biggest headaches. No one likes to wait until the next day, next week or their customer’s next paycheck to be paid for services they provided last week. Yet having to approach your customers for timely payment is often more awkward than the wait. Read more of this post

Managing Reviews

You can start entering all of your monitoring/site review visits into Minute Menu CX starting this month.  The sooner you start managing your “Reviews” (as we call them) in Minute Menu CX, the sooner you can take advantage of all the features the program has to offer (that you’re already paying for anyway, so why not!?!). Read more of this post

Sponsoring Centers: 101

In recent years, as the number of family child care providers participating in the CACFP has steadily declined, Sponsoring organizations have come under intense financial strains.  Caseloads and administrative dollars have dropped while regulatory requirements have increased.  Meanwhile, the number of centers interested in and eligible to participate in the CACFP has steadily increased.  So many Sponsors have begun to look at the possibility of sponsoring unaffiliated centers (that is, centers that are not legally owned by the Sponsor itself) to offer a new funding stream. Read more of this post