Important Information Regarding your Minute Menu HX Database

Minute Menu HX is now compatible with SQL 2008.  SQL is the Microsoft database product that Minute Menu HX uses to handle the data you input into Minute Menu HX, and SQL 2008 is the most current version of that software.

Our records indicate that your agency may currently be using full SQL 2000 for your database.  As part of upgrading Minute Menu HX to SQL 2008 compatibility, we will have to stop supporting SQL 2000 as of June 15, 2012.  SQL 2000 and 2008 have some conflicting technical features that make supporting both versions impossible for us in the long term.  We will be dropping support for SQL 2000 in the release following the June 15 deadline.

To check your version of SQL, you can simply login to Minute Menu HX, click on ‘Help’ >> ‘About Minute Menu HX’. If the SQL Version is showing anything starting with an 8 (for example SQL Server Version: 8.11.1234), you are still using SQL 2000.

If you currently have the full version (paid) of SQL 2000, then you will need to purchase an upgrade license.  Fortunately, non-profit agencies are eligible for deep discounts on software licenses. We have listed options for purchase at the end of this email.

If you are currently using either Windows 2000 or Windows 2000 Server on any of your computers that run the Minute Menu HX application, you will also need to upgrade your operating system before you upgrade to SQL 2008.  If you have a database-only server (does not run the Minute Menu HX application but only hosts the database), you should be able to continue using Windows 2000 Server on that database-only server.  However, we do recommend that you upgrade that server’s operating system if possible.

We will be sending out technical details, including instructions and links to technical resources, in the next few weeks. Also, we are happy to discuss the SQL upgrade with your IT representative.  If your IT representative will be contacting Minute Menu Technical Support, please make sure that you call ahead and make an appointment with our support staff so that someone will definitely be available to assist you while the IT rep is on site.  While we are happy to help with SQL upgrade questions, we cannot assist you with your Windows operating system upgrades.

We recommend that you begin planning for this upgrade as soon as possible.

Full SQL licenses are necessary for most mid- to large-size agencies.  Our research indicates that the following company offers the best price on this license:

Consistent Computer Bargains

800-342-4222 x120

Contact: Kevin Rochol

You can also try Tech Soup, though they are not always consistent with allowing CACFP agencies to purchase and are a bit higher priced.

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