Managing Reviews

You can start entering all of your monitoring/site review visits into Minute Menu CX starting this month.  The sooner you start managing your “Reviews” (as we call them) in Minute Menu CX, the sooner you can take advantage of all the features the program has to offer (that you’re already paying for anyway, so why not!?!).

Before you start entering the Reviews into Minute Menu CX, you’ll need to get each Monitor added to the program by going to Administration>>Manage Sponsor Staff. Make sure you put a check mark in the “Monitor?” box on that screen.  After the Monitors have been added to the program, you’ll want to assign each Center a Monitor on the Oversight Tab of Manage Center Information (you’ll see a list of names in the “monitor” dropdown box).

To enter a review, go to Tools>>List Reviews OR you can click the shortcut button on the right side of the screen (the yellow folder with magnifying glass).   Next, select a center from the “Select Center” dropdown box at the top.  To add a Review for that center, click the [Add] button.

Click below to watch a demonstration/training video on Entering Reviews.
Click here to view the HELP documentation for Monitoring/Reviews.

Once you start tracking Reviews in Minute Menu CX – the program will keep track of the “Next Visit Due” date.  To see the next visit due date, look at the “Oversight” tab of the Manage Center Information screen.  A date will automatically populate that field after the first visit is recorded.  The program knows (per policy R.1.) how many reviews are required per year and will set the “Next Visit Due” date accordingly (i.e. if 3 reviews are required per year, the program will set the Next Visit Due date for 4 months after the review date).

To PLAN reviews, go to Reports >> Reviews >> Review History + Status Report.  For more information about this report, see page 4 of the Help document.

Print the Review Summary Report to TAKE with you to site visits.  To print this report, go to Reports >> Reviews >> Review Summary Report.

Once centers start entering their attendance information into Minute Menu CX – the review data will be cross referenced with their claim.  If the number of children present noted by the monitor do not match the number of children claimed at the time of the visit, Minute Menu CX will provide you with an error message on the Office Error Report to notify you of the discrepancy.

Will your Monitors be entering the Reviews in themselves or will one main person be doing it?  Also, how many monitors do you have?

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