For Sponsors & Chains: Customize the Center “Getting Started Guide”

For Sponsors and Chains

Customize your “Getting Started Guide” that is sent to centers through the program.  Here are a few ideas on how to customize it:

1)  Add a cover page

2)  Add your company contact information to the cover page

3)  Add your company logo to one or all pages

4)  Add form tips for scanning document to booklet if scanning

5)  Remove any functions that your agency is not using (i.e. remove Record Quantities section if not required to track that)

6)  Add your specific due date for claims in the submit claims section

After creating your OWN customized “Getting Started Guide” for centers, email it to Minute Menu (  If possible, email the document in PDF format (MS Word can lose its formatting when opened with different versions).   Our staff will add your version of the guide to the software so that when the [Send Welcome Letter] button on the Oversight Tab of Manage Center Information screen in pushed, the customized startup guide will be selected by default.

2 Responses to For Sponsors & Chains: Customize the Center “Getting Started Guide”

  1. Donald Goff says:

    This is a great idea! Do you have the Getting Started Guide in an editable format so it can be customized?

    • dawn perez says:

      Hi yes, just go to and click the green [Login] button and enter the same login ID/password that you use to access the Minute Menu CX program. Next, click on the “Documentation” link on the left – then scroll down to the “Center Documentation” section. The first document, “Getting Started Guide for Centers” can be downloaded and edited since it’s in Word format. Let us know if you have any other questions or need help!

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