Recording 2 Foods for a Single Component

How can two foods be recorded for a single component?  For example, Pepperoni + Cheese was served, but there’s only one place to record a meat/meat alternate.

There are 2 ways to approach this:

1) Use the “comments” field on the Record Menus screen to note the extra foods (for example, select cheese in the main meat component field and type “pepperoni” into the comments field) .

2) Add a new food to your food list, for example add a food to your food list of called “Pepperoni + Cheese” or be more specific like “Pepperoni + Mozzarella.”  To add a food to your food list, go to Administration>>Manage Foods.  Then click the [Add New Food from Master List] button.  Look through the list to find the food combination.  Hint: the list sorts alphabetically, in this example, search in the “P” section for “Pepperoni + Cheese” and also search the “C” and “M” section to see if it’s listed with the cheese first.

If you find the food combination needed, click that row to add it to your Food List.   The food “settings” can be customized before the food is added.  For example, if the food should be measured in cups instead of ounces, or if the food should (or should not) be allowed for certain age groups, or allowed/disallowed at certain meals.  All changes to the food settings can be made on this screen.

Adjust the setting as needed, then click the [Suggest Unique Number] button.  Finally, click [Save].

If the food combination is not already in the Master List of foods, it is possible to create a completely new food.  To do this, click the [Add New Master Food] button.  Find a similar food on the list, that would at least be in the same category (Meat, Fruit or Vegetable, Milk, or Bread) but the closer to the food you are adding, the better.  Click the similar food, then the webpage will prompt you to give the new food a name.  All of the settings (disallow certain age groups, allowed meals, measurement type, etc.) will be copied from the other food.  Settings can also be adjusted after the food is created by clicking on the food from the List Foods screen.

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