Child Care Learning Center Launched

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Learning opportunities directed toward the child care professional are not lacking, but sometimes it can be hard to find those perfect learning opportunities or maybe you just don’t have time to look. has just made that process easier for you!

Are these experiences similar to yours?

  • You might be a provider looking for a webinar about reading with the kids that you can take during their nap time or watch after hours because it was recorded.
  • Maybe you are a representative with a resource and referral agency or CACFP sponsor and need some tips on training child care providers or centers on the CACFP or the Let’s Move for Child Care so you would be looking for some “train the trainer” opportunities.
  • You might even be with an association, putting on a conference and looking for that perfect workshop or speaker.

This is where’s Learning Center comes into play!

We have and are continuing to compile websites and consultants/speakers information from around the nation to help you continue your child care education needs.

What Can you Expect to Find in the Learning Center?

For a more visual overview of the Learning Center on, click here!

As with all parts of we are listening to feedback, assessing what we hear and modifying to make this website useful for the child care community.  Tell us what you’d like to see!  Email

About Samantha Kay-Daleiden Marshall, M.A.
Passion for quality child care and the participation in the Child and Adult Care Food Program is what drives Samantha Kay-Daleiden Marshall to provide recognition and resources to the child care community. She is the manager of, has a Master’s Degree in English, and through her daily research has established a deep appreciation for child care providers, teachers, directors, program administrators, organizations that support child care and all of the people that are an active part of the child care world. Samantha works with national associations such as The Child and Adult Care Food Program Sponsor Association, The National Association for Family Child Care, The Child Care Food Program Roundtable, and has done workshops at said association conferences. Last but not least, I am a mother to one beautiful five month old girl.

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