Scanning Forms More Than Once Per Month

One of the great things about scanning meal counts and attendance into Minute Menu CX is that it can be done throughout the month, rather than just once per month.  Just because you can scan more than once a month, doesn’t mean you have to, but it’s nice to have the option.  If you are a Sponsor or Chain that does the scanning for your centers, you might consider scanning more often, like twice per month.  Scanning more than once a month will help alleviate some of the pressure and stress at the end/beginning of each month.

You could train your centers to submit the forms at the end of the second or third week of each month.  That way, you can get started scanning and fixing scanned errors, and it won’t ALL have to get done during claim time.  This might even help to get the claim submitted to the state faster, which would hopefully mean getting reimbursed faster as well.  You can also train centers to mail any new enrollment forms with the scannable forms so that you can start activating children as well.

Scanning more than once per month may not be necessary for smaller agencies who would prefer to save stamps.  But for agencies who scan claims for multiple centers, or have centers with high enrollment, scanning twice per month could prove to be a beneficial solution for all.

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