Announcing the hx2go mobile app

This fall we’ll launch hx2go, our new app that lets you use your iPad, Andriod tablet, or laptop to record your visit info, sign the documentation, and automatically update your Minute Menu HX database with the visit details.

Convenient – hx2go is pre-populated with provider and child data, your food list, and your review questions.  When you’re done, review data is automatically imported into Minute Menu HX.
Familiar – A look, feel, and flow that you and your staff are used to, in a more convenient mobile form.
Efficient – No air card or printer required… just a tablet or laptop.
Available in Offiline Mode* – No wireless connection necessary.  hx2go can synchronize your review data when you get back to the office or when you connect anywhere WiFi is available.
Paperless – Perform your entire visit without printing anything! Providers and sponsors sign directly on your tablet screen, and automatically receive signed, electronic copies of the review record as soon as the review is recorded.
More Secure – GPS location and timestamp recorded automatically at the time of the review
Flexible – Sponsors can add their own review questions and fields. Customize to your specific process and needs.

The hx2go launch will include updates to Minute Menu HX to accommodate this new flexibility and enhanced review functionality.

We’re already at work developing this unprecedented mobile app, and we’ll be selecting a small group of beta testers later this summer.  If you are interested in participating in beta testing this product, please email We’ll be looking for users with either iPad or Android tablets to participate.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about this new product! We’ll keep you posted as the hx2go mobile app becomes available later this year!

*Functionality may be limited in offline mode (i.e. review records will be available only after device reconnects and uploads review data).

4 Responses to Announcing the hx2go mobile app

  1. patti mcbreen says:

    It is now February, well past Fall 2012. I am anxiously awaiting the HX2go app. When do you expect that the app will be available?

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