Menu Planning Features in Minute Menu CX

Minute Menu CX menu planning features can help make the task of recording menus even faster and easier for Centers.  But different features are best suited for different types of agencies.

Please click here to view our Menu Planning Features document located on  You can create “Sponsor Templates” available to all center locations, “Center Templates” available to only one Center, and use Sponsor Templates to create a Master Menu that can be “pushed” or “pulled” to/from Centers.

All planned/recorded menus can be copied and pasted up to one month at a time.  Instructions for copying & pasting menus can be found on the Menu Calendar and Master Menu Calendar screens.

Here are some suggestions for menu plans depending on your setup:

  1.  If ALL center locations use the same exact menus EVERY day, I would suggest creating Sponsor Templates, then using those templates to create a Master Menu.  Master Menus can then be “pushed” to the Center.  Master Menus do not override menus that already exist – they will only fill in meals where foods have not already been recorded.
  2.  If all center locations use the same menus, but not necessarily on the same day (i.e. each center serves a taco lunch/dinner but they serve it on different days of the week) then I would suggest creating Sponsor Templates, then training the Centers how to use them to plan/record their menus.  After menus are recorded/planned, those menus can be copied and pasted up to one month at a time from the Menu Calendar screen.
  3. If each center location has completely different menus, I would suggest creating Center Templates.  Click here for a training video on Creating Menu Templates as a Center.

NOTE:  For Centers that are not required to serve specific meals on specific days (#2 & 3 above), you might consider creating a Master Menu that would be optional for these Centers to use if they wanted.  To do that, create a Master Menu, then instruct centers to click the [Apply Master Menu to Month] button on the Menu Calendar screen if they would like to use it.  Having a Master Menu available that Centers can optionally use provides Centers with the freedom to use/not use the menu, and to use the Master Menu only for days when other meals have not yet been planned.  This could actually be a good selling point when recruiting new centers to your program!

Templates and Master Menus can be a great time-saver, a time-saver that I imagine most Centers would really appreciate!  And the advantages of utilizing Menu Planning tools in Minute Menu CX could really impress when it comes to outreach.  Think about it!

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