Deleting Planned Menus in Minute Menu CX

Planned menus for an entire day, week, or month can be deleted all at once.  Just make sure that you really want to delete them before doing so, because this action cannot be undone.

To delete only one meal, on one day, open the Record Menus screen, by going to Menus/Attendance>>Record Center Menus or by clicking the [Record Menus] shortcut button located at the top of the screen.  Select the date and meal to delete, and click the [Delete] button located at the lower, right side of the screen.

To delete an entire day’s worth of meals, open the Menu Calendar by going to Menus/Attendance>>Menu Calendar or by using a shortcut button (i.e. the plate icon on the Center Dashboard).  Select the day to delete, then right-click and choose the “delete” option.

Note for Sponsors:  To delete a Master Menu that has already been pushed to a Center, you’ll need to open the Menu Calendar for each center by selecting the center in the main “select center” drop down box, then go to Menus/Attendance>>Menu Calendar.  Select the meal or meals to delete, then right-click and select the “delete” option (see tip below for deleting multiple days at a time).  After the meals have been deleted in the Center accounts, you can update the Master Menu and resend it.  I would suggest clicking the [Print] button on that screen so that you can see the Monthly Menu Plan report and check the foods before sending it out.

To delete multiple days at a time, click the calendar day at the top of the date box (so that it’s highlighted in blue).  Then, hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard and select the last day to delete by clicking it at the top of the box (not the “BALPDE” box – click on or next to the calendar date).  The days you want to delete must be highlighted in blue – then right-click to delete.  This action CANNOT be undone, so make sure you want to delete before you do it.

Until next time…

Keep Calm and Minute Menu On  🙂

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