Household Contacts Using Minute Menu HX

The Claimed Attendance Detail by Child report in Minute Menu HX is a great solution to conducting household contacts. This report displays a complete list of meals claimed for a specific child organized by date for a claim month.

We suggest first creating a message in Microsoft Word that can be printed directly onto the printed Claimed Attendance Detail by Child report. Because the Claimed Attendance Detail by Child report can often take up most of the printed page, we suggest creating the message in a text box that can be rotated to print alongside the detail on the report. To do this, follow the steps below.

Creating a Custom Message in Microsoft Word to Print on the Report

1. Open Microsoft Word and create a new document.

2. Save the document in a common place where all staff can access it.

3. Create a new text box in the document (Insert > Text Box > Simple Textbox)

4. Type your message into the textbox. Include the following:

– Instructions to circle in red pen any dates or meals for which the child was not in attendance at the provider’s home.

– A place for the parent to sign the form. (The parent signature can be compared with the Child Enrollment form you already have on file for the child.)

5. Rotate the text box 90° counter-clockwise and position it similar to the image above.

Printing the Parent Message on the Printed Claimed Attendance Detail by Child Report

1. Print the Claimed Attendance Detail by Child report.

2. Place the report back in your printer. Follow the directions on your printer for loading the previously printed reports back into the paper tray so that the parent message will print on the correct side of the report.

3. Print the Word Document containing the parent message onto the report.

Helpful Hint:

We suggest mailing this report to the parents of the child. If possible include a self-addressed stamped envelope that the parent can use to mail the signed report back to the agency. You can use the Minute Menu Child Mailing Labels feature to quickly print labels for mailing these reports to parents.

Verifying Report Information:

I’ve often found that when the parent has to rotate the page to read the message, it causes them to complete the task and mail the report back to the office. Compare the information you receive back from parents with the meals and attendance claimed on the report.  If you find discrepancies, follow-up with staff members to determine the origin of the mistake. Take appropriate corrective action if necessary.

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