Minute Menu LLC Creates Utility for Procare Software to Integrate Food Program Management Functionality with Child Center Management Software

Minute Menu LLC, the premier developer of child care center food program management software products, is proud to announce a partnership with Procare Software, a leader in the child care center software industry. Procare Software users now have access to the features of Minute Menu CX to help manage and streamline the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) claims and reimbursement process.

Minute Menu LLC has developed a utility that allows Procare Software to add Minute Menu CX functionality to its child center management software. This utility is designed to help child care centers reconcile child and guardian identification numbers from Minute Menu CX to Procare, and to transfer new child enrollment information from Procare to Minute Menu CX.

“Procare Software is the first center management software developer to take advantage of the technology Minute Menu has developed to allow for the integration of Minute Menu CX functionality with existing center software,” said Natalie Clark, Chief Operating Officer of Minute Menu LLC.

The integration of Minute Menu CX with Procare Software eliminates the need for child care centers to manually enter meal totals for reimbursement, or to rely solely on the totals determined by a separate software solution.

Integrating Minute Menu CX with existing child care center management software provides a level of compliance verification that is not available when child care centers use two separate software solutions – one to manage day-to-day operations and a separate one to manage CACFP claims.

“Through our new Integration Services, we have made it easy for center management software to handle its core business and seamlessly integrate family enrollment data with our Minute Menu CX product,” said Jeffrey Sullivan, Chief Technology Officer of Minute Menu. “Our customers are able to leverage their investments in both software systems while eliminating duplicate data-entry.”

Minute Menu LLC is excited about the successful integration of Minute Menu CX with Procare Software’s products, and looks forward to future partnerships with center management software developers.

“The integration of Minute Menu CX functionality gives center management software vendors the opportunity to expand their offerings and to provide increased value for their clients,” said Clark. She added that Minute Menu products can be integrated easily with a variety of software solutions.

Child care centers that already use both Minute Menu CX and Procare Software can download the free Minute Menu CX utility to create a truly integrated child food program management workflow.

About Minute Menu LLC

Minute Menu LLC helps improve the quality of child nutrition in the US by creating software products that ensure all CACFP stakeholders have the best management information systems available to them, and by providing the support they need to take advantage of those systems. Learn more about Minute Menu LLC by visiting www.minutemenu.com or call 972-671-9211.

2 Responses to Minute Menu LLC Creates Utility for Procare Software to Integrate Food Program Management Functionality with Child Center Management Software

  1. The folks here at Procare Software are looking forward to this collaboration, and are excited to offer centers a free way to integrate with Minute Menu CX. Thanks MM!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am a MAC user and have had a* horrible* time trying to use Minute Menu on my MAC. Since Minute Menu cannot be used on MACs I have had to purchase another application to allow me to run Minute Menu on my MAC and have lost hundreds of dollars because we couldn’t submit our claims on time. This is a big pain for those of us who use MACs for our business.

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