The Child Care Business Partnership: Tom Copeland, Minute Menu and You

It’s official: The ultimate partnership for family child care business management between Tom Copeland and Minute Menu Systems. Tom is the nation’s leading Family Child Care Tax Expert and Minute Menu Kids Pro is the nations’ favorite family child care business management software. Together they have teamed up to help you maximize the time and money you have invested in your family child care business.  What does this mean? When you subscribe to Minute Menu Kids Pro and are using the accounting feature you will now receive access to family child care’s leading tax expert, Tom Copeland for only $15 a year which includes: Read more of this post

Receipts Page – Having Trouble?

If you’re having an issue pulling back or entering in receipts on the receipts web page, please try the following. Keep notes of what you attempt on your own. Please do not hesitate to contact our support department if you continue to have problems. Please contact us by logging into Minute Menu CX and clicking Help >> Contact Minute Menu Technical Support.

Finding Your Windows Version:

First, you will need to check your Windows version by hitting the windows/start key on your keyboard and your pause/break key down together. This will bring up your computer’s system information screen. The Windows edition should be displayed at the top. If you are using Windows XP, then please read instructions below for ‘Windows XP’. If you are running any other Windows version (such as Windows 7, Vista or 8,) please read the section for ‘All Other Windows Versions’ below. Read more of this post