CX 10.6.0

NOTE: You are not required to update this new version.

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed a bug that failed the system when trying to print a large number or enrollment forms at one time
  • Fixed a bug that was giving an error when running the import tool.
  • Open up the menus to allow centers with multiple licenses to record different menus
  • Fixed a bug in for new users to update status when demo expires
  • Fixed errors in the scanning function to help see the 4 corners and reduce scan errors.

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Fruit for Thought

You have the chance to change the lives of hundreds or even thousands of children in your very own community by encouraging providers to start serving more fruits and vegetables, now. Meal pattern changes are just around the corner, but why wait. Start a campaign for change today!

To see the current status of fruits and vegetables being served at your agency, take a look at the Fruit/Vegetable Analysis report in Minute Menu HX. Does the report display a lot of providers? This report will, by default, list all providers who have claimed fewer than 2 fruits/vegetables in any week at either breakfast or snack.

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