Fruit for Thought

You have the chance to change the lives of hundreds or even thousands of children in your very own community by encouraging providers to start serving more fruits and vegetables, now. Meal pattern changes are just around the corner, but why wait. Start a campaign for change today!

To see the current status of fruits and vegetables being served at your agency, take a look at the Fruit/Vegetable Analysis report in Minute Menu HX. Does the report display a lot of providers? This report will, by default, list all providers who have claimed fewer than 2 fruits/vegetables in any week at either breakfast or snack.

Here are some ideas for starting your campaign:

  • Set a start and end date for your campaign (2 – 4 month timeframe), get ramped up, and have fun with it!
  • Have a brainstorming session with your staff to come up with ideas to encourage providers to serve more fruits and veggies.
  • Write a series of short emails with fun recipes that the kids will go bananas over!
    • Find recipes submitted by providers on the website click here to view and/or,
    • Find recipes created by kids themselves or use the Healthy Snack Finder on the Kids Teaching Kids website, by clicking here.
  • Use the Message Center in Minute Menu HX to send messages to providers who claim online (Tools >> Manage Messages >> Send Broadcast Messages)
  • Send providers a cute flyer that they can display on the wall. Click here to see the flyer on kid-friendly veggies and fruits, and click here to see the entire list of free downloadable flyers.
  • Host a training session for providers and make it fun! Here are some ideas:
    • Ask one of your star providers who serves a lot of fruits and veggies to share their ideas, suggestions, and inspirations.
    • Pass out fruit or vegetable seed packets to providers to plant with the children (ask your local nursery for donations).
    • Show one of the training videos on – click here
    • Pass out the MyPlate flyer in pink, blue or green!
    • Show your providers the ChooseMyPlate website. It has learning materials for children as well!
  • Start a social media account and have providers send you their pictures of healthy eating to share on your social media page.
  • Have a week that you dedicate to fruits
    • Send an email about fruit
    • Share fruit recipe ideas on social media
    • Mail or email flyers about fruit, click here
    • Introduce a new/rare fruit – have you ever had a lychee? How about a star fruit? Or a cumquat?
  • Have a week dedicated to veggies!

After your campaign, run the Fruit/Vegetable Analysis report again, and compare the numbers to see how your campaign affected the foods served by your providers.

Next on the agenda, a campaign for more whole grains!

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