CX 10.9.0 Release


  • Enhanced to the “Weekly Paid Attendance and Meal Count” report.  It now totals all FRP numbers at the end of the report by meal.
  • Made a change to the F4 Policy to make it easier to use and understand.
  • Added the SFSP Rates for Summer Claiming

  • UI fixes for mobile devices using the new web features.
  • Bug fixed in WI Enrollment form that did not show Ethnic data.
  • Fixed an issue that did not allow blank sign in sheets to print for ARAS users.

CX 10.8.0 Release

NOTE: You are not required to update this new version.  Some of the changes, however, will not be usable until the update is downloaded.


  • Added a “totals” area to the record menus screen.
  • Added the ability for a sponsor to print a center version of the roster without requiring the user to login as the center.
  • Modified the meals calendar to only show meals the site is approved for.
  • Added the ability to print off the Center Monthly Menu Plan.
  • Updated text on Billing page of website
  • Made the Profit Status for each Center into a required field to cut down on other issues.
  • Added a “Center” filter to the Verify FRP Consistent With Family Report.
  • Added an External Center Identifier property to the Manage Center Information screen.
  • Added the ability to enroll a new center as an SFSP Site.

  • Fixed: Select All and School Out Checkbox on the Attendance column remains marked when you change the date in Record Daily Attendance/Meal count screen
  • Fixed bug with login to website
  • Added ability to view multiple licence info on Claims export.
  • Fixed several cosmetic bugs in the new web features for SFSP and ARAS users for mobile devices.
  • Reduced the amount of required fields to enroll an at risk only child on the enroll child screen
  • Fixed a bug in the display of the business phone number on the for sponsors.
  • Fixed a bug with the IL state upload file that did not allow the file to run for some users.
  • Signup for free trial website bugs fixed that did not allow some users to log in.

Exciting New Features on the Way!

The Minute Menu CX Team is happy to share some exciting news! We will soon launch a brand new set of features to help sponsors manage their support staff’s access to Minute Menu CX. These features allow centers to have more than one set of login credentials. Centers can now have a center administrator with a higher level of permissions than other users. Centers can also assign users to other roles, each of which has its own set of permissions.

Minute Menu CX customers have asked for features like these, and we have listened! We are actively building the solution right now.

Our development team expects to roll out these new features during the Summer of 2014. Keep your eye on this blog for more information. We will post screen captures and notes to help prepare you to hit the ground running once these exciting new features arrive.

CX 10.7.1 Release

NOTE:  this is a web release and there is no action you need to take to see any of these changes.


  • Web Record Meal counts now has a “comment” field that will save along with the daily meal count.
  • Added a browser check to that checks for outdated and web browsers and provides links to update

  • Made a change to database to stop child records from reverting to Pending.
  • Changed all mention of “Attendance” for SFSP and ARAS to Meal counts.
  • Fixed an SSO bug that was giving errors and throwing users out of the system.

CX 10.7.0


  • launched the new website
  • Added features for Summer feeding and At risk after school sites to record meal counts and save claims.
  • Added links from inside the CX program to access these new web based features.

No Risk from Using WebKids in Internet Explorer

Our support team has received calls about a reported “flaw” in Internet Explorer versions 6 through 11 that might make users vulnerable to attack by hackers. There is no risk from this flaw in using our WebKids application or from visiting any of our websites–,, or  We have no feedback on your risk when visiting other sites using Internet Explorer, and encourage you to make any adjustments you feel necessary to protect your personal and business information.

According to an article posted online by The Washington Post, a user must visit a website that uses Flash technology and is controlled by a hacker or other entity that desires to gain unauthorized access to your computer. WebKids does not link to outside pages and does not use Flash technology, which limits your risk when using our products. More details about the security risk issue, and Microsoft’s response, can be found in the Washington Post article.

If you have questions, please contact our support team – we are happy to help!

UPDATE: The Washington Post is now reporting that Microsoft has released a security update for Internet Explorer that fixes this bug.  It will also be releasing an update for Windows XP users, but the article does not provide information on when that will occur.  Per the article, users who have Automatic Updates turned on will automatically receive the fix.  Otherwise, users will remain vulnerable until they update Internet Explorer.