CX 10.8.0 Release

NOTE: You are not required to update this new version.  Some of the changes, however, will not be usable until the update is downloaded.


  • Added a “totals” area to the record menus screen.
  • Added the ability for a sponsor to print a center version of the roster without requiring the user to login as the center.
  • Modified the meals calendar to only show meals the site is approved for.
  • Added the ability to print off the Center Monthly Menu Plan.
  • Updated text on Billing page of website
  • Made the Profit Status for each Center into a required field to cut down on other issues.
  • Added a “Center” filter to the Verify FRP Consistent With Family Report.
  • Added an External Center Identifier property to the Manage Center Information screen.
  • Added the ability to enroll a new center as an SFSP Site.

  • Fixed: Select All and School Out Checkbox on the Attendance column remains marked when you change the date in Record Daily Attendance/Meal count screen
  • Fixed bug with login to website
  • Added ability to view multiple licence info on Claims export.
  • Fixed several cosmetic bugs in the new web features for SFSP and ARAS users for mobile devices.
  • Reduced the amount of required fields to enroll an at risk only child on the enroll child screen
  • Fixed a bug in the display of the business phone number on the for sponsors.
  • Fixed a bug with the IL state upload file that did not allow the file to run for some users.
  • Signup for free trial website bugs fixed that did not allow some users to log in.

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