How to include a professional-looking hyperlink in an email

Would you like to send your centers professional emails with links to training materials and videos, documents, and more!? If you simply copy the URL ( and paste it into your email, your reader will see the entire URL, forward slashes and all.  Instead, you can make your words the hyperlink. For example, you can type “click here to view the website” and make the word “here” the hyperlink.

To hyperlink a word or a group of words, first, type your email in Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Word. Then, highlight the word(s) that you wish to be the hyperlink, and right click. Select the “hyperlink” option. At the bottom of the window that is displayed is a field for “Address” – this is where you paste your URL. Then hit OK.


If you are using Microsoft Word and don’t see the “hyperlink” option when you right-click on the word(s) you would like to represent the URL, click on the “Insert” tab at the top of the screen. Click the “Links” button and select the “Hyperlinks” option to display the address window.

If you’re using another program look for the hyperlink symbol (it may look like a sideways “8” which is actually supposed to look like chain links with a globe in the background).  Highlight the word you wish to link, and then click the hyperlink button.

Now you can have professional emails that say things like click here to view our training website and click here to go to our homepage.

Happy Linking!

3 Responses to How to include a professional-looking hyperlink in an email

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  2. Don Goff says:

    Thanks Dawn. I use this all the time now! Please give us some more tips.

    • Dawn Perez says:

      I’m so glad to hear that Don! I’ll work on adding more tips. Do you already know about the Snipping Tool? That’s a fun one to know about. 🙂

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