Join the Campaign for Whole Grain

Natural Healthy  FoodYou have the power to improve the health of children in your very own community by launching a campaign to serve more whole grains in day care homes and centers!  And what better time than now since September is National Whole Grains month!  Eating at least one serving of whole grains daily can help lower the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, and can help maintain a healthy body weight.  Barley, wheat, bulgur, rye and oats are all whole grains that can be incorporated into a healthy diet. Some whole grains are even gluten-free , such as buckwheat, corn, millet, quinoa, and rice. Start training providers now to ditch processed foods and start serving more whole grains!

Click here to check out some whole grain recipes with demonstration videos with cooking tips for making whole grains easy to prepare AND taste great!

Click here for a quick refresher on whole grains on the Whole Grains Council website.

Here are some ideas for your campaign:


Use your power as a sponsor and keeper of email addresses to start an email campaign.

  • Pick a new whole grain each week or month, and feature it
    • Include links to popular recipes with whole grain as an ingredient. (Hint: Click here to read a blog about inserting professional-looking hyperlinks in emails.)
    • Include an image of the whole grain or a prepared dish made with whole grain, or link to an image of the food on a blog or website.
  • Ask providers to email pictures, recipes, or descriptions of their whole grain dishes, and publish them in your newsletter.
  • Share the science behind the whole grain; email providers a link to the “What is a Whole Grain?” page of the Whole Grains Council

Social Media

  • Ask providers to email pictures, recipe, or descriptions of their whole grain dishes and feature them on your social media page.
  • Post recipes and pictures of the foods you wish to promote on your social media page.
  • Post a link to the Facebook page and suggest that providers “like” their page.
  • “Like” the Whole Grains Council Facebook page and “share” their posts.
  • And if you don’t have a social media page for your sponsorship – get one! It’s a great way to connect with providers.  Click here to learn how your business can benefit from social media marketing.

US Postal Service Mail

  • Mail the “10 tips to help you eat whole grains” flyer from the gov website to providers, or include it with training materials. Click here to print the flyer in color. Click here to see the full list of available flyers.


  • Dedicate a section of your website to information about whole grains.
  • Provide links on your website to other resources for learning more about whole grains.
  • Don’t have a website?  Get one!  You don’t have to be a computer genius to create your own website; easily make a free website on


  • Show samples of whole grains. (Seriously, what does buckwheat even look like?)
  • Give tips for purchasing and preparing whole grains. For example, where can you find the best price when purchasing whole grains?
  • Hand out recipe cards, and challenge providers to try at least one of the recipes.
  • Ask providers to share photos, experiences, and tips of their own by email or on social media.
  • Demystify nutrition labels – click here to learn how to identify whole grain products.

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