CX 10.13.04 Release

Tonight we release the new ONLINE ENROLLMENT FEATURE to production.  This is an upgrade feature and you need not do anything to continue using CX as you did before.
If you upgrade your software you will see a new version of the Renew Child Enrollments screen with the fields re arranged.

The Fuyu Persimmon: A Fruit Worth Trying this Fall

PersimmonHave you ever tasted a Fuyu persimmon? If not, try this delicious and healthy little treat now while it’s in season (September – December). This fruit is so delicious that the Greeks actually named it “fruit from the gods.” And yes, it is THAT good! Not only is this exotic fruit delicious, it’s packed with nutrition and low in calories, too. The Fuyu persimmon is a great snack for growing children, dieting adults, and well, everyone!

Preparing and Eating the Fuyu Persimmon
Fuyu persimmons are easy to prepare and to eat. Just wash the outside, remove the leaves, slice, and enjoy! Eating the fruit raw is the best way to get all of the nutrition, the easiest and fastest way to prepare them, and arguably the most delicious way to eat a Fuyu persimmon! I prefer it raw served with a slice of cheese. As an added bonus, the Fuyu persimmon just so happens to be a creditable snack on the food program!  Click here to see a video called “How to eat a Fuyu Persimmon – Tips and Preparation.” Read more of this post

Children Not Seen At Review Report

Increase your program integrity by using the Children Not Seen at Review Report to detect claimed children that are consistently missed during a home visit. Then, conduct parent contacts on any children who have been consistently missed.

In Minute Menu HX, navigate to Reports >> Reviews >> Children Not Seen At Review Report. A Provider Filter will appear. To include ALL providers, just click Continue. Or to filter by a specific monitor caseload, click the Monitor box, select a name, and then click Continue. Select any other filters you want. To select specific providers from a list, click the Choose Providers from List box at the bottom.

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Operation Lychee

Lychee FruitHave you ever had a lychee fruit? These delicious little fruits are packed full of vitamin C and many other important vitamins and nutrients. But most importantly, they are delicious! Click here to read more about the lychee fruit and to see a picture of it on the USDA website.

Serve More Fruit, Less Juice. Fruit can be a fun and delicious way to improve nutrition in children’s diets, and you have the chance to change the lives of children in your very own community by serving more fruit. We challenge you to pick a fruit to serve at snack, and to serve fruit instead of juice at meals. Eating the actual fruit, instead of just drinking the juice, ensures that children get ALL of the nutrition of the fruit, and less sugar! Click here to read “Tips to Help You Eat Fruits” on the USDA website. Read more of this post