Operation Lychee

Lychee FruitHave you ever had a lychee fruit? These delicious little fruits are packed full of vitamin C and many other important vitamins and nutrients. But most importantly, they are delicious! Click here to read more about the lychee fruit and to see a picture of it on the USDA website.

Serve More Fruit, Less Juice. Fruit can be a fun and delicious way to improve nutrition in children’s diets, and you have the chance to change the lives of children in your very own community by serving more fruit. We challenge you to pick a fruit to serve at snack, and to serve fruit instead of juice at meals. Eating the actual fruit, instead of just drinking the juice, ensures that children get ALL of the nutrition of the fruit, and less sugar! Click here to read “Tips to Help You Eat Fruits” on the ChooseMyPlate.gov USDA website.

Start Your “More Fruit” Campaign. Find and share some fun recipes that the kids will go bananas over! Start by searching for recipes submitted by providers on the ChildCareInfo.com website. Recipes created by kids themselves can be found using the Healthy Snack Finder on the Kids Teaching Kids website.

Print a cute flyer that you can display on the wall. Get some inspiration from this kid-friendly flyer on fruits and veggies from ChooseMyPlate.gov. You can see a list of flyers available for download here.

Start a vegetable garden with the children! Children love to be involved, and studies have shown that children are more likely to try new fruits and vegetables when they participate in planting and growing them! Start a small garden with easy-to-grow vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, and lettuce. The KidsGardening.org website is a great resource for planning and maintaining gardens for kids.

Share Your Results and Inspire Others. Start a social media account for your day care home (if you haven’t already) and post your pictures of healthy eating on your social media page(s). You will inspire others and potential parent customers will be impressed when they see your page!

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