Children Not Seen At Review Report

Increase your program integrity by using the Children Not Seen at Review Report to detect claimed children that are consistently missed during a home visit. Then, conduct parent contacts on any children who have been consistently missed.

In Minute Menu HX, navigate to Reports >> Reviews >> Children Not Seen At Review Report. A Provider Filter will appear. To include ALL providers, just click Continue. Or to filter by a specific monitor caseload, click the Monitor box, select a name, and then click Continue. Select any other filters you want. To select specific providers from a list, click the Choose Providers from List box at the bottom.

Provider Filter

Select a Starting Date. The ending date will be the current date (the day you run the report). Every review between the date selected and the current date is then analyzed.

Starting Date Filter

Next, set the review count threshold (which defaults to 2). If less than 2 reviews are conducted for a provider during this period, the provider is ignored. For any provider that has had at least 2 reviews, any child that is not seen at 2 or more reviews is then listed in the report.

Threshold Filter

If you wish to sort the list by something besides provider name, you can select an option from the dropdown box. Otherwise, just click Continue.

The report will show each Provider that had at least 2 reviews (or however many reviews you selected) and the children that were not present at those reviews. An asterisk next to a child’s name indicates that the child was claimed during that month.


Check the attendance records for any children that have an asterisk next to their name. To do this, go to Reports >> Claim Data >> Claimed Attendance Detail by Child Report. Find the child and look at their attendance patterns. Does the child normally attend on the day of the week that you conducted the visit? Was the child absent all week? Was the child there every day, except the day you were there?

Depending on the attendance pattern, you may choose to conduct a household contact for that child. Click here to read a blog about how to use the Claimed Attendance Detail by Child Report to conduct a household contact.

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