Wishing You a Healthy Thanksgiving Menu!

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish? There are many to choose from: turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and candied sweet potatoes. While all of these are yummy foods we look forward to all year long, they probably are not the healthiest of menu items. This Thanksgiving you can explore delicious and healthy alternatives or additions to your Thanksgiving menu.

Thanksgiving and Harvest Festivals Around the World

One way to engage children in trying new foods and exploring new cultures is to look at harvest festivals, similar to Thanksgiving, from around the world. Harvest festivals traditionally celebrate the first, and sometimes the last, crops of a season. Although the dishes vary by region, they tend to focus on grains, vegetables, and fruits. Let’s take a look at some Harvest Festival activities and recipes:

  • The Apple and Grape Festival in Australia celebrates wine and fresh produce. It features traditional apple-related dishes along with multicultural dishes, fireworks, parades, and the popular grape crush.
  • The Harvest Festival in Britain belongs to a long historical tradition and can be viewed as a precursor to the American Thanksgiving. Activities related to Harvest Festival can easily double for Thanksgiving fun.
  • The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated in slightly different forms in China, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Along with fireworks, food, and family, children celebrate this festival by wearing masks and parading with paper lanterns. Here are some directions for making paper lanterns and paper masks.
  • Ch’usok, sometimes known as the Harvest Moon Festival, is celebrated in Korea. The festival celebrates ancestors, family, and the harvest. Fish, vegetables, and grains are primarily consumed along with a special rice cake called a songpyon. Ch’usok is celebrated with activities such as tug of war, a special form of wrestling, music, and dance. Recipes for dishes often found during Ch’usok can be found here.

Although many dishes associated with Thanksgiving are best enjoyed in moderation, there are many healthier options available. How about some pumpkin soup or quinoa stuffing? Find more healthy recipe ideas here.

However you celebrate the holidays, Minute Menu wishes you a safe and enjoyable season!

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