Already Expensing Your Smartphone? Make It a Wifi Hotspot for a Better hx2go Experience

You’ve got a new-ish smartphone with a data plan, but you’re doing hx2go reviews in offline mode?  Why not use your smartphone’s hotspot feature to connect your tablet or laptop and get those reviews uploaded immediately?

Don’t get me wrong.  Hx2go was designed to allow you to use it without an Internet connection in the field, but if you can stay connected, there are benefits.

  • Upload the review on-site. The provider gets the emailed link to the review within minutes, sometimes before you leave.
  • The review is safe on our servers—no worrying about losing your device or technical problems later when you try to upload.
  • You can easily download backup providers if the provider you tried to visit is unexpectedly closed.
  • The typical hx2go review is about 35kb in size. That’s about 25 reviews per 1MB of data, or 2500 reviews to make up 1GB.  Chances are, you’ll hardly notice the change in data use.

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CX 10.16.1 Release (Web Only)

NOTE: There is no update to CX to download for this release, the changes effect only the Web based features.

2 Bugs fixed in this release:

  • ARAS/SFSP data export for meal counts:  Fixed a bug that did not allow for exporting only one site’s data at a time.
  • ARAS/SFSP Removed the ability to add “test meals” as a claimable meal count.



CX 10.16.0 Optional Release

NOTE: This is another optional release.  It does not require you to download the new version.  Some of the new changes, however, will not take effect until you have the latest version of the software.

Feature Changes:

  • Updated the List Claims screen to include Summer Feeding Sites (SFSP)
  • Texas IEF Form updates:  Spanish and English versions.  Non Discrimination statement updated.
  • Child List Export: Add IEF Signature date to the export
  • Removed the “At-Risk” column from the far right of the Estimate Meal Count summary
  • ARAS/SFSP Menu Production record “Comments” box change to “Special Notes” to reflect better where the data comes from in CX.
  • Enable the new Online Enrollment feature to support Alaska and Hawaii.

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Customize the hx2go App Questions

Are you are interested in using hx2go, but are not sure where to start? Here’s some help.

Give yourself access to the hx2go Administrative Website. To get access to the Admin Site, you will need to edit your user permissions in the Manage Users screen. Please click here to watch a training video on how to Manage Users for hx2go. There is no charge for accessing the ‘Admin Site’ (as we like to call it), but using the hx2go app does incur a small fee. Read more of this post

Six Steps to Get Started on hx2go

The hx2go app can be used on tablets and laptop computers to record home visit reviews. Click here to read some basic information about hx2go on the Minute Menu website. Follow these six steps to get hx2go working for you!

Step 1: Attend hx2go Webinars

Sign up for a free online webinar by going to the HX Training tab on Webinars are listed in the center of the screen. Minute Menu currently offers two different hx2go webinars. While administrators should attend both webinars, monitors only need to attend the “Entering Reviews Using hx2go” webinar.

hx2go training website webinars

The hx2go webinars are only held once each month, so don’t delay! Read more of this post