Customize the hx2go App Questions

Are you are interested in using hx2go, but are not sure where to start? Here’s some help.

Give yourself access to the hx2go Administrative Website. To get access to the Admin Site, you will need to edit your user permissions in the Manage Users screen. Please click here to watch a training video on how to Manage Users for hx2go. There is no charge for accessing the ‘Admin Site’ (as we like to call it), but using the hx2go app does incur a small fee.

Sign in. Once you have been setup with access to hx2go Configuration in the Manage Users screen, go to the Admin Site which is and sign in using the same log in information that you use to log in to Minute Menu HX.

Customize your hx2go questions. Once you have access, you can customize the questions that will appear in the hx2go app. You can even rearrange the questions, add questions, and customize the app to fit your needs before you pay for anything.

To do this, go to the Design Tab to view the current format of the hx2go app for your agency. You will start with a default list of questions. The questions are divided into five main categories (Main, Meal, Compliance, Paperwork, and Other) and they are categorized further into sections (the Visit Information section, for example, under the Main category).

Admin Site Categories

To move a question, you can drag and drop it to any other place on the page. Or, you can click the “Edit” link to move the question to a completely different category.

To add a custom question to a section, click the + at the top of the section. Once the question is added, it will display on the list in a green font, so that you can easily see which questions you have added yourself.

Hint: Look over all of the current questions before you start adding custom questions, so you don’t duplicate questions already in the software.

Click here to watch a Quick Overview of the hx2go Administrative Website training video.

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