Six Steps to Get Started on hx2go

The hx2go app can be used on tablets and laptop computers to record home visit reviews. Click here to read some basic information about hx2go on the Minute Menu website. Follow these six steps to get hx2go working for you!

Step 1: Attend hx2go Webinars

Sign up for a free online webinar by going to the HX Training tab on Webinars are listed in the center of the screen. Minute Menu currently offers two different hx2go webinars. While administrators should attend both webinars, monitors only need to attend the “Entering Reviews Using hx2go” webinar.

hx2go training website webinars

The hx2go webinars are only held once each month, so don’t delay!

Step 2: Start Configuring App Questions

The hx2go app can be customized for each agency’s specific needs. Please log in to the Admin Site by first setting up the correct permission levels described in the Managing Users for hx2go training video. There is no charge for accessing the Admin Site.

hx2go permissions

To access the Admin Site, go to and log in. This Quick Overview of the hx2go Administrative Website training video will teach you how to start customizing the app. Make sure you review the existing questions before adding your own, as you do not want to create duplicate questions.

Step 3: Pick and Prepare Your Device(s)

Access on a Mobile Device

To install the app, go to your device “app store” or where you normally go to install apps. Search for “hx2go” or “Minute Menu Systems.” Download and install the app. There is no charge for installing the app. Fees for usage are explained below.

Access on a Computer/Laptop

You can access hx2go on a regular computer or laptop by going to using Google Chrome as your browser. (Internet Explorer will not work correctly when accessing hx2go.) Click here to install Google Chrome on your computer.

If you have questions about what type of device to purchase, please email

Step 4: Start Experimenting

In order to start testing the app, your account will need to be given hx2go App Access. Setting up access to hx2go is covered in the Managing Users for hx2go training video, which is located on on the HX Training tab.

Fees for Use

When the hx2go App Access box is checked, you must agree to the terms and conditions of the app, which include a $20 monthly fee for each monitor. The fee will appear on your monthly invoice from Minute Menu. You can uncheck the hx2go App Access box at any time, but if it was checked at any time during that month, you will be billed for that month.

hx2go permissions2

Test Account

Use your Test Provider account to experiment with hx2go by recording test reviews. Record as many test reviews on your Test Provider as you can. Try walking away or leaving your internet connection when you actually record a review. If you do not already have a test provider account, click here for instructions to create one.

Please do not record any reviews for real providers at this time. Review reports are automatically emailed to providers and sent through their WebKids account, so if you do a “test” review on a real provider, that provider will be sent a link to the review report – which is not preferable since it was a test review.

Step 5: More Training Opportunities

Additional training videos can be found on the training website,, on the HX Training page. Visit the page to learn more. The training website also lists three e-Learning classes available on the hx2go app. The e-Learning classes are located at the top/right area of the HX Training page. These e-Learning classes do not include audio, but you can progress at your own pace through the class while watching the animations onscreen and reading the notes.

hx2go training website

Step 6: Get Your Providers Claiming Online

Providers that have email addresses and/or claim online will automatically receive a copy of the review report. A link to their review report will appear in the WebKids/KIDS message center.

hx2go message center in KIDS

A printed copy of the form will need to be mailed to providers that claim on paper (scannable forms or otherwise).

Get more providers online now, and save time after every home visit!

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