CX 10.16.0 Optional Release

NOTE: This is another optional release.  It does not require you to download the new version.  Some of the new changes, however, will not take effect until you have the latest version of the software.

Feature Changes:

  • Updated the List Claims screen to include Summer Feeding Sites (SFSP)
  • Texas IEF Form updates:  Spanish and English versions.  Non Discrimination statement updated.
  • Child List Export: Add IEF Signature date to the export
  • Removed the “At-Risk” column from the far right of the Estimate Meal Count summary
  • ARAS/SFSP Menu Production record “Comments” box change to “Special Notes” to reflect better where the data comes from in CX.
  • Enable the new Online Enrollment feature to support Alaska and Hawaii.

Bug Fixes:

  • Second Shift not always displaying on the Record Attendance screen when Policy L8 is set to N.  FIXED.
  • FRP is 100% for center that has F1 set to “Actuals”  FIXED
  • Estimate Attendance Summary report putting too many days in December FIXED.
  • Monthly Claimed Meal Count Summary not separating Dual Licence center claims FIXED.
  • Paid Meal Count Summary combining PM snack numbers and Dinner Numbers FIXED
  • 2nd dinner serving only showing start time and not end time FIXED
  • 12 Month Claim Summary not working correctly if run for just 1 center.  FIXED
  • Fixed the Milk Audit to respect the “Milk Allergy” checkbox and remove the child from the audit.

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