Already Expensing Your Smartphone? Make It a Wifi Hotspot for a Better hx2go Experience

You’ve got a new-ish smartphone with a data plan, but you’re doing hx2go reviews in offline mode?  Why not use your smartphone’s hotspot feature to connect your tablet or laptop and get those reviews uploaded immediately?

Don’t get me wrong.  Hx2go was designed to allow you to use it without an Internet connection in the field, but if you can stay connected, there are benefits.

  • Upload the review on-site. The provider gets the emailed link to the review within minutes, sometimes before you leave.
  • The review is safe on our servers—no worrying about losing your device or technical problems later when you try to upload.
  • You can easily download backup providers if the provider you tried to visit is unexpectedly closed.
  • The typical hx2go review is about 35kb in size. That’s about 25 reviews per 1MB of data, or 2500 reviews to make up 1GB.  Chances are, you’ll hardly notice the change in data use.

Most newer smartphones have a hotspot option, usually under your wifi settings. Most major carriers don’t charge an additional fee to share your phone’s data connection, but you’ll want to check first.  When you turn on your hotspot, your phone creates a mini wifi network.  It will give you the network name and password to join your other devices.  Once you know how to do it, it’s a piece of cake.  If you need instructions and a google search doesn’t get you what you need, feel free to bug the people at the cell phone provider kiosk.  They can help you learn the features to get the most out of their phones.

This can be a great solution for when you’re travelling and need to avoid hotel Internet fees, too. But make sure you bring your phone charger, since the wifi connection will use up some of the battery charge.

And definitely make sure you disconnect from your phone’s wifi  or turn your phone hotspot off when you get back to a place with regular wifi… especially before you start binge watching Netflix on your iPad. Streaming video will definitely eat into your data allowance quickly!

Here’s what the major carriers have to say on the subject:

AT&T: Free, may have to enable the function on your account

T Mobile: Free, may have to enable the function on your account

Verizon: Free for many plans, may be $20/month if you’re on a plan with fewer features.

Sprint and metro pcs appear to charge a substantial fee to enable this feature on your phone, so this is probably not the best option for you if you’re on these provider networks.

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