CX 10.17.0 Optional Release

NOTE: This is an Optional Release.  It is NOT required that you download the new version of the software, however, to see all of the latest changes you will need the new version.

2 Feature updates in this release:

  • Made a change to call out meals with dis allowances on the menu calendar to reduce the number of clicks involved in fixing errors.
  • Changed some wording on the Sponsor Staff Types screen to be more clear. (Preferences changed to Policies)

5 Bugs fixed in this release:

  • Fixed a bug on the Monthly Claimed Meal Count Summary report that was adding up all Second Meals onto one center.
  • End Year Tax Summary now showing manual claims.
  • Removed the “R”s that were showing up on the rosters for pending children.
  • Weekly Attendance & Meal Count report showing incorrect numbers for “special diet”.  This has been fixed and is accurately calculating.
  • List Claims report was showing at risk as license for both claim types.  They are not properly separated.



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