Make a Better Plan for Your Home Visits by Using hx2go

The hx2go app allows you to get the information you need to make each home visit as cost-effective and efficient as possible. Hx2go can help you:

  1. Plan to review meals that are roughly proportional with meals that are claimed.
  2. Plan to review meals claimed on weekends.

The app will display all un-visited meals that a provider has claimed within the last four months in the Meals Needed column. Once a meal has been visited the abbreviation of that meal will be removed from the list. For example, a provider that claims breakfast, AM Snack, and lunch will show the abbreviations BAL. Once the provider has had a lunch visit, the list will display only BA. Once AM snack is visited, it will simply display only a B. This information helps monitors to diversify their visits, so that the same provider is not visited at the same meal repeatedly.

The hx2go app not only allows you to see unvisited meals, it also allows you to search for specific information using filters. For example, if a monitor wants to do a dinner visit, the monitor can use the Meals filter to select “dinner.” Any provider who has claimed dinner, but has not yet been visited for dinner during that review year, will appear on the list. This is a great way to locate specific meals for visiting. If your agency is lacking in dinner or evening visits, simply search for providers that have un-visited dinner meal claims.

Meals Filter in hx2go

The app can display specific meals using filters. This screenshot shows the hx2go data filtered by “dinner.”

Weekends should also be reviewed in proportion with what is being claimed. So if your sites claim 10% of weekends, roughly 10% of your visits should be weekend meals. The rule of thumb is to visit plus or minus 5%. The hx2go app will show the abbreviations Sa (Saturday) and Su (Sunday) in the Meals Needed column for providers who are claiming weekends. These abbreviations, just like the meals, will be removed once visited.

By following the guidance of hx2go your agency can visit meals in rough proportion to what is being claimed as required by the USDA. See the Q & A section of the USDA Family Day Care Homes Monitor Handbook for more information about how the USDA defines this requirement.

To make sure that your agency is in compliance you can run the Claim and Review Comparison Report in Minute Menu HX. This report will show you the percentage of each meal being claimed, and the percentage of each meal being visited. You can run this report by monitor, or for your agency as a whole. To access this report go to Reports >> Reviews >> Claim and Review Comparison Report. The last row of the last page of the report will show you the comparisons. Percentages of meals claimed are displayed on the left, and percentages of meals reviewed are displayed on the right. Run this report every other month to make sure that reviewed meals are +/- 5% of what is being claimed.

The hx2go app empowers monitors to plan visits that not only meet, but exceed, food program requirements. Click here to see 5 more reasons of why you should get started on hx2go today!

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