CX 10.18.2 Optional Release

NOTE: This is an Optional Release.  There is no new update to download.

4 Feature updates in this release:

  • New reports for the At Risk After School (ARAS) web users.
    • New combined Menu Production Record and Transportation Log on one form.
    • Added a Claim Export for sponsors to the ARAS web tool
    • Added an Edit Check to the ARAS feature to check inspection dates for expiration
  • Updated dates on the Colorado IEF form.
  • Added the SFSP Claim Rates to the system
  • Online Re-Enrollment feature now brings in kids from Procare import.

4 Bugs fixed in this release:

  • Online Re-Enrollment: Updated the Renew Child Enrollment screen to update Signature date when child is updated.
  • Online Re-Enrollment: Fixed issues with child date of birth and timezones being off.
  • Fixed an issue with creating ACH Files
  • Menu Production Record for Infants displaying wrong Qty Needed Per Actual Attendance

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