HX 2.21.0 Mandatory Release Notes

This release includes several bug fixes and a few changes to the software.  It also contains changes to the software to prepare for the launch of online re-enrollment for your providers & parents. 

  • The Food Frequency Letter and Food Frequency Report have been renamed to Frequently Served Foods Letter and Frequently Served Foods Report to remove any connotation that they are connected to the Food Frequency Rules feature. The wording has also been changed slightly on the report and letter so that they can be used as a congratulatory letter if “good” foods are served frequently, rather than only as a negative notice.
  • The Renew Child Enrollments screen has been changed in anticipation of the new feature that will allow for your providers and the parents of the children they serve to do the annual reenrollment process online—including signing their updates on their mobile device or computer! We’ll be releasing an update in the next few weeks that completes this new feature. For those of you attending the NCA converence in Las Vegas next week, we’ll be training on this new feature there.
  • There is now an option on the Renew Child Enrollments screen to activate pending children upon reenrollment. This option only activates when you check off the option to show pending children.
  • Increased the time out limit for processing claims so that large batches won’t time out as often. We still recommend rebooting your server periodically to increase performance.
  • The Fruit/Vegetable Analysis Report now shows the number of providers on the report at the top left of the page.
  • The Help menu now contains 3 options
    • Help and Support
    • Useful Links
  • Fixed a bug where the census data was not loading in the Census Block drop-down list.
  • Fixed a bug in the CO state claim file where the wrong Record ID. This was a bug introduced with the 2.20.6 release.
  • Made changes to Minute Menu HX that enhance the stability of hx2go.
  • We’ve also used this release to lay the ground work for a few more changes that will be coming in future releases over the next few months.




We hope that you find these changes helpful. There isn’t a whole lot that you can actually see in this release, but rest assured that the changes we made are important to the long term health of your sponsorship’s operations.


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