CX Release 10.23.0

The 10.23.0 release contains changes to the CX client, so you will need to update your software for all features to remain usable.  You may continue to use the program without updating, however, some of the changes will not be visible.  This release has a few new reports that have never been available before!

Bug Fixes:

  • Monthly Paid Meal Count by Child report error corrected that was showing counts in wrong columns for at risk children/meals
  • Fixed the default sort order for Assign Classrooms to now be alphabetical.
  • When changing number of servings in Manage Center Info, system was still looking at the 2nd serving times.  Fixed.
  • Record Attendance filter by classroom had a bug that did not maintain the classroom when filtering.  That has been fixed.
  • New Milk Audit Report now showing Center names
  • Fixed weekly attendance and meal counts report display issue


  • New Report that shows invoice details to the sponsoring agency.
  • New reports that show breakdowns of the Processor errors as well as the manual dis-allowance errors by site.
  • Updated NC forms
  • Edits to the Idaho combined enrollment and IEF form

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