CX Release 10.25.0

The 10.24.0 release contains changes to the CX client, so you will need to update your software for all features to remain usable.  You may continue to use the program without updating, however, some of the changes will not be visible.

10 Bug Fixes:

  • Track Received Claims screen – We removed the areas for Received online date for manual claims.
  • Removed the withdrawn children from classrooms and also added a check to not allow the user to delete a classroom if active children are assigned to that classroom.
  • Added the Adjusted Claim numbers to the Claim List Export.
  • In Manage Classrooms, we fixed the ability to change the ‘Building Name’ on existing classrooms records
  • Fixed an issue with the Center roster showing incorrect numbers for users with “Track Historic Data” turned on.
  • Again on the Center Roster, Pending, At-Risk children are now being displayed, they had formerly not been included in the roster.
  • Fixed a formatting issue on the Menu Calendar that was cutting off data on the screen.
  • Non Infant Menu Production Record and Weekly Quantities Required are now matching numbers
  • Added a check to make sure centers cannot enter attendance in the future.
  • Fixed to processor to display a message when the server is not responding rather before the screen freezes up.

3 Feature updates:

  • Added template Name to Center Monthly Menu Plan Report
  • IEF form update for Colorado
  • 2016 Updates to the IEF and Enrollment forms for Nebraska

6 Responses to CX Release 10.25.0

  1. Jen says:

    How do I update?

    • Minute Menu says:

      In order for you to run the most recent update, log in to Minute Menu CX, please go to Administration > Upgrade Software – go through the prompts and please allow the upgrade to complete. Once the upgrade has completed, please log back into Minute Menu CX using your own login and password.

      Please contact support if you have any questions or concerns at

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well it’s wonderful that you tell us that we need to update the software but every time I click on the link to do it, it literally does NOTHING. Thanks for all the useful information!!

  3. Karen Byerman says:

    Could you please change the way this program updates? Not all users have admin rights on their computers. Also, creating a direct link to an exe is blocked to AV programs. An exception cannot be created due to the URL changing when the update changes. An option to download and save before running would resolve the issue for lots of users.

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