CX Release 11.1.0

The 11.1.0 release contains changes to the CX client, so you will need to update your software for all features to remain usable.  We encourage you to update to the latest version of the software so you always have access to the latest features and fixes.

There are 2 ways to update the CX software:  1) Log in to Minute Menu CX. go to Administration > Upgrade Software – go through the prompts and allow the upgrade to complete. Once the upgrade has completed, please log back into Minute Menu CX using your own login and password.  This takes just a few minutes.  2) Log out of CX, and go directly to the Update Link and click on the link in step 1.
Please contact CX support at if you are still having an issue.

7 Bug Fixes:

  • Made changes to speed up the loading of the Milk Audit Screen
  • At Risk After School (ARAS) OER display bug fixed
  • Renew Child Enrollments “View” button error fixed
  • Update made for California State Upload file.  (per state)
  • Bug fixed that added “school out” flag to wrong children
  • Sponsor Review Summary Report bug fixed in days of the week.
  • Child Info Report was not printing for just a few centers.  This is fixed.

3 Feature updates:

  • Updates made to Monthly Menu Report
  • Added an export function for centers on the Expired Enrollments Report and the Non-Profit Status Report
  • Updated the menus and filed names on Manage Staff Permissions for ease of use

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