Minute Menu Systems rolls out KidKare.com as the new Online Claiming Tool for CACFP Providers

More than 55,000 providers use our current WebKids and Kids software to do their claims online. The ways that people connect with technology are changing, and Minute Menu is changing to meet their needs. We’ve launched KidKare.com as the replacement for WebKids and Kids. It’s a mobile-friendly website that providers can access from almost any device—if you can access a modern browser on your phone, tablet, or computer, you can use it anywhere. And unlike our kids2go app, you can do ALL of your claim from any device, including submitting claims and enrolling children. It’s super easy to use and always at your provider’s fingertips.

There are no apps to install and no special requirements (like only using IE). Just go to www.kidkare.com and log in.

The great news for sponsors is that, as KidKare.com data syncs over to HX, you don’t have to do anything differently with your KidKare.com claims. They come into HX just like WebKids or Kids claims, and you can process them all together. This means that you can roll over your providers at your pace.

Sponsors will also benefit from “observer mode,” where you can log into KidKare.com using your Minute Menu HX log in and see your providers’ data in real-time, read-only mode. No more having to know your provider’s password or running a Transfer Data first.

We’ve had questions about what KidKare.com means for our company. Rest assured, we’re still the same Minute Menu Systems. This change is only making what we can offer our clients better and more up-to-date. All 7 of our full-time support staff, our 3 implementation specialists and trainers, our friendly office staff and our strong design and development team aren’t going anywhere. And we’re working to make any future changes that will affect sponsor operations—including the new meal pattern—as easy and painless as possible for sponsors of homes and of centers.

We are excited about what KidKare.com offers providers and the doors that it will open for newer, faster, better user experiences for everyone.

CX Release 11.2.0

The 10.29.0 release contains changes to the CX client, so you will need to update your software for all features to remain usable.  We encourage you to update to the latest version of the software so you always have access to the latest features and fixes.

There are 2 ways to update the CX software:  1) Log in to Minute Menu CX. go to Administration > Upgrade Software – go through the prompts and allow the upgrade to complete. Once the upgrade has completed, please log back into Minute Menu CX using your own login and password.  This takes just a few minutes.  2) Log out of CX, and go directly to the Update Link and click on the link in step 1.
Please contact CX support at cxhelp@minutemenu.com if you are still having an issue.

9 Bugs Fixed:

  • School calendar changed to allow At-Risk sites to change school start and end dates
  • Roster fix for enrolled children who were not appearing on the center version.
  • ARAS Web feature but that was not saving some served meals
  • Track Received Claims bug fixed that was not showing all claims.
  • Updated the GA state upload file
  • Duplicate child numbers in Copy Child function removed.
  • Weekly Attendance and Meal Count report missing the classroom prompt.
  • Scanning fix for the claim menu quantities.
  • Fixed a bug in the dashboard that was not showing the expired/expiring enrollments properly

4 Feature updates:

  • Updated the ARAS record meals feature to say “Served Meals” rather than “Meal Counts”
  • Updated the Menu Production Record for Texas
  • Added new daily FRP calculation for Louisiana
  • New Florida State upload File.